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03 Apr 2017 Warning: California Takes Aim at Food and Beverage Industry

  In recent weeks, California legislators have introduced two bills that would require new warning labels for sugary drinks and food products with artificial ingredients. Like California’s famed Proposition 65, which requires warnings for any products containing any one of approximately 800 chemicals on the Prop 65 list, enactment of either of these bills would likely push many food and beverage makers to reconsider their use of various ingredients not just in California, but nationwide.   SB 300 — The Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Health Warning Act…

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10 Jan 2017 Additions to the Prop 65 List in 2016

  During the course of 2016, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has added 16 new chemicals to the Proposition 65 List.  Companies doing business in California must provide Prop 65 warnings for all listed products starting one year after the date a chemical is listed.   The most controversial addition in 2016 involved styrene, a common chemical used to make latex, synthetic rubber and polystyrene resins, which are used to make plastic packaging, disposable containers and insulation. Other notable additions were…